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Unplug from your devices and plug in to one of the best sleep away camps around

There’s another crew of folks that might need some more information on this dropping-the-phone for two, four or even six weeks situation. If this sounds a little like you, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the idea of going technology free for the entire time you’re at camp. Living tech free seems like it could be a nerve-wracking, daunting, and boring experience. The stress that comes with a new routine is real! We all know that the world is basically built around being connected through a device, using our devices for music, falling asleep, entertainment, taking and sharing photos… Plus, changes in habits, even good change, causes stress.


Don’t worry! We got you covered

and created the following list with links to samples of items we DO allow at camp. Most of these items can be found used online or at a thrift store, borrowed, or homemade. Think of this supply list as a kit for life-beyond-the-screen.

girls smiling

Next on our list is reading material. Bring along a reading lamp for bed time relaxation and tote bag to ferry books along on off campus trips

  • A stack of books
  • Magazines
  • Basic eReader such as the Kobo Nia that preloaded with material so there is no need to turn on wifi
girls smiling
girls smiling

“My daughter has attended both Berklee Summer Immersion and Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, and Amplify blew both of them out of the water. She came home with more technical skills than either program while being more inspired and happy than I have ever seen her. 1,000% worth it.”

“I wanted to say thank you. My daughter loved camp. She had gone to a well-known big sleepaway camp 2 summers in a row, and we both came away feeling like something was missing. She didn’t feel connected or herself there. She told me that at Amplify she felt accepted for who she is and fully appreciated and not self-conscious at all. Can’t imagine anything more we could want for her.” —Mom of 9-year-old camper

“I can tell by Lemi’s response to camp that the investment is exemplary. The first thing she said to me about Amplify was: ‘Thank you so much for sending me there. I have never been so loved by so many people at one time who were not my family.’”

“THANK YOU! Especially with being able to teach bass this session, I almost cried this afternoon seeing how talented all these youth are, plus the experience of coming full circle around since I WAS them at one point 🙂 I’m so lucky to be on this team after all it’s given and shown me my whole life.” —18-year-old staff, former camper (for nearly 10 years!)

“This camp changed my life last year. So many people and staff made me feel welcome during my 2-week stay that this summer I’m coming for 4 weeks to live my dreams here at this camp. No matter what you do, everyone supports you…I’ve never experienced this. I wish everyone could come to this camp for classes and fun, right? But really this camp gives me much, much more…” —11-year-old camper

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“My daughter has been attending Amplify since she was in 4th grade and is now joining the team as staff at 19. Her three siblings are following in her footsteps and I honestly don’t think our family would be the same without this special community. Whether you are into music or photography / film making – your kid will flourish here. No experience necessary either! The amazing staff meet your kiddo right where they are at. Raising four girls, Amplify is always the first thing I recommend!”

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“This is a life changing summer camp!! The camp shows girls how to really support each other and removes the element of competition. The result: campers creating beyond incredible creative projects while making life long friendships and feeling genuinely proud of both their own accomplishments and their peers”


“My daughter had an amazing week at Amplify Sleep Away Camp these past four weeks in Ojai. Wrote a song with 4 other girls and performed for the parents this morning. She had a blast! We’ll be back next year.”

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“My daughter attended last year. It was her first time ever being away from home. She was so scared, but excited. I could not ask for a better camp for my daughter to attend.“

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“My daughter just played me the song she wrote last week at Amplify. It made me cry it was so beautiful. This camp and these counselors opened a door to her creativity that was closed. What a wonderful gift. I highly recommend this camp for girls who need a moment in a nurturing environment to unleash their creative potential. I’m feeling filled with gratitude right now!”

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“Amplify has been one of the best experiences of my life… Camp has taught me how to create art that makes me happy and creates an impact. I can’t wait to be part of the staff.”

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“What an incredible two weeks for my daughter! She came home more confident than I have ever seen her. The staff is awesome, they totally rock. We’re so in.”

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“i’ve been coming for 3 years and have learned how to express myself through music, write songs, and talk about how i feel inside… I’ve learned so much”

More things to reduce anxiety, relieve boredom and relax (LEVEL 2)

Take in your surroundings. Try listing

  • 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can hear
  • 3 things you can feel
  • 2 things you can smell
  • 1 thing you can taste

Decorate your room

with familiar images and decor that makes you feel at home. (Please only use painter’s tape, washi tape, or command strips)


⚡️fairy lights
⚡️magazine cut outs
⚡️crafty garlands