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Camp Culture

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Amplify is all about lifting each other up instead of putting each other down. Campers and staff share traditions of following up the ubiquitous apology for taking up space with “You rock!”. We flip stereotypes upside down.

We meet every single camper exactly where they are with dynamic classes, workshops, and activities led by compassionate, talented instructors and mentors. Whether a camper is a drummer who has never touched a drumstick, a guitar player who is in their 5th year of shredding, a photographer who is ready to take their portfolio to the next level, or a vocalist who wants to work on her karaoke game, campers will take on challenges that lead to success surrounded by peers and mentors cheering them on.
Most folks spend a lifetime improving the way they treat themselves and the people and things around them. At Amplify, we strive to create and sustain an environment in which growth is prioritized. We are all capable of contributing positively to the camp culture!
Everyone at Amplify follows the golden rule: Be Cool. Be cool to others. Be cool to the stuff. Be cool to our campus. Be cool to yourself. By cool, we mean, practice kindness, have fun, be a force of positive energy, talk to someone if you’re having a problem, and treat people and things with sensitivity, awareness, and kindness.

Jen Baron

Executive Director and Founder