Creative Arts

Use the power of your voice through the creative arts

Camp is a place to try something new, so we offer a wide range of activities that are not found in typical school programs. Our ever changing roster of activities teach campers basic skills and advanced techniques that are taught by fun, encouraging and creative counselors. For example, campers may learn to screen print, make candles, discover music HERstory, learn to DJ, or experiment with soldering to build a microphone. 

Our passionate instructors teach and inspire campers to discover new talents and follow their creative interests. Whether enjoying a hobby, relaxing with friends, developing a new technical or life skill, or just having fun, Amplify is all about the power of the creative arts!

“My daughter has been attending Amplify since she was in 4th grade and is now joining the team as staff at 19. Her three siblings are following in her footstep and I honestly don’t think our family would be the same without this special community. Whether you are into music or photography / film making – your kid will flourish here. No experience necessary either !! The amazing staff meet your kiddo right where they are at. Raising four girls, Amplify is always the first thing I recommend!”

“This is a life changing summer camp!! The camp shows girls how to really support each other and removes the element of competition. The result: campers creating beyond incredible creative projects while making life long friendships and feeling genuinely proud of both their own accomplishments and their peers”

“My daughter has attended both Berklee Summer Immersion and Idywild Arts Summer Camp and Amplify blew both of them out of the water. She came home with more technical skills than either program while being more inspired and happy than I have ever seen her. 1000 % worth it”

“Amplify has been one of the best experiences of my life… Camp has taught me how to create art that makes me happy and creates an impact. I can’t wait to be part of the staff.”

“What an incredible two weeks for my daughter! She came home more confident than I have ever seen her. The staff is awesome, they totally rock. We’re so in.”