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The short answer? You make camp an incredible experience for all campers. Whether leading an activity, teaching a power chord, supporting karaoke night, taking a moment to listen to a camper who needs to talk, every staff at Amplify spends their entire shift bringing our mission to life for every single camper. In order to do that, we ask our staff to join together and “hold a container” for our campers and be present as a powerful role model in the way that only you can do.

It is hard work to undo the social norms of the outside world and model a different way to be for youth and each other. You are a huge part of creating the inclusive, judgment-free environment where this happens! Our mentors interrupt gossip, understand that young people can grow and learn from their mistakes, see brilliance in each individual, and embrace a regenerative culture that recognizes everyone has a voice and everyone deserves to be heard.

Anyone 18+ may apply to be staff.

Yes! We have a very diverse group of campers and staff and we welcome people from all over the world to be part of our team. We’ll work with you to obtain your J-1 visa and Amplify will help cover those costs for staff who commit to the entire summer.

All of our pre-hire communication occurs over email. Please use an email address that you check often! After submitting your application, you will receive notification that your application was successfully submitted. Due to the volume of applicants, we are unable to contact everyone who applies.


We conduct most interviews throughout February and March each year, and most offers are made by mid-April, giving you plenty of time to make all necessary arrangements for your summer adventure with us.


If selected for an interview, we will send an email invitation with scheduling options in Pacific Standard Time zone. Double check that your calendar reflects the correct time if there is a time zone difference. Interviews occur in a virtual meeting room, most often with the program and executive directors and last for about 20-30 minutes. Reference and background checks occur after the interview and before we offer a contract.


Candidates selected for hire will be offered a contract with pay, hiring details, and a list of responsibilities and agreements typically within 30 days. The contract must be signed and uploaded to the staff online portal within two weeks of the offer date. If we don’t receive the signed contract within the two week period, candidates may risk losing their position.


After the contract is submitted, each new staff has two weeks to complete their online hiring packet which includes approximately 5-6 hours of mandatory online trainings.

After the hiring process is complete, staff receive a packet of materials including links to all mandatory online trainings, the staff handbook, and supplementary online resources and articles to help them develop further as a summer camp mentor.

Orientation week before camp consists of at least 48 hours of intensive camp mentor training including time to get to know each other, the campus and equipment. All Amplify summer camp staff learn: our protocols and rules for safety, camper supervision and working with children, staff schedules, mentorship development, class and activity curriculum, and how to do all tasks and responsibilities required for their particular role. In addition, once camp begins, all staff have constant access to their supervisors so they can get all the support, feedback, and advice they need in order to thrive.

Check out general schedules for various staff positions on our job openings page.

Click here for a typical camper schedule

Room and board is fully included for the whole season. All staff are expected to sleep on campus unless it is your day off. You and one other staff member with share a dorm room in either Phoenix (older campers), Eos (younger campers), or the Grove (oldest campers). Staff bathrooms and showers are separate from campers and are located outside the rooms. Check out a tour of the campus to see what the dorms look like!

Maintaining safety and security on campus, and making sure everyone gets enough rest, is extremely important to us. All Amplify staff not currently taking a day off have a curfew of 12:00 AM (midnight) and should be in their dorms by this time.

It’s awesome! Besant Hill has a very talented full-time, year-round kitchen staff who provide meals to campers and staff in the summer months. Portions are unlimited with plenty of meat and vegetarian options with basic accommodation for vegan and gluten free diets (though does not operate a gluten free kitchen). For those working late, there are always sandwich fixins so you’ll never go hungry.

Summer staff are paid via direct deposit approximately on the 5th after each month worked (depending on how long it takes your bank to process direct deposits). Remember, the amount of taxes taken out depends on how you fill out your W-4. Taxes are taken out of every staff’s paycheck, including international staff.

Spending money is not necessary because everything you need is provided, from lodging to snacks, beverages, and meals. Staff receive a staff t shirt and get a 50% discount on merch items at the camp store. Also, Ojai has some AMAZING book stores, restaurants, coffee shops, thrift stores and more.

We operate a closed campus and visitors are not allowed.

We only offer one shuttle to and from LAX at the beginning and end of summer. If there is room on the LAX/Beverly Hills camper shuttle, staff can grab a seat, especially if you are willing and able to help out at the airport.

Yes! Staff are encouraged to bring their cars, especially if they know they’ll want/need to drive into town on a regular basis (the Amplify campus is ~10 miles from town).

Pro tip: we suggest stashing a bar of Irish Spring soap in your glove box to keep critters from nesting inside the engine!

One of the cheapest ways to get to and from campus is a combination of ride shares/taxi and the Amtrak Ventura station. Ride shares will take you to campus, but for pick up, we recommend Topa Topa Taxi. The #16 bus costs $1.50 between Ventura and Ojai and runs every hour.

We can help facilitate connecting staff who would like to go in on renting a car together, but cannot arrange the rental for you.

If another staff gives you a ride or chooses to lend you their car, be generous with gas money!

Yes! Everyone needs to take a break, and we want our staff to remain energized and excited for camp. Staff get one full 24 hour period off per week.

Summer staff roles typically last 5–9 weeks.

Staff work 6 days a week with an average of 8-12 hours a day with breaks, depending on their role, responsibilities, and what is needed on any given day at camp. Although we value a staffing structure and schedule that allow a balance of work, life and rest, working at summer camp is immersive and you never fully clock out except on your weekly day off.

We hire summer staff year round. We are always looking for incredible staff to join our team mid summer.

Pay is determined by position, experience, and previous years at camp. Please check out our open staff positions to see the pay range for each.

We offer instructors and residential counselors the following additional bonuses:

  • Lifeguard certification: $50
  • Teaching credentials: $100
  • Commercial or bus driver’s license: $50
  • CPR certification: $25
  • *All of these bonuses contingent upon staff working the full summer season.


Amplify has a strict substance-free policy. Smoking is highly discouraged and permitted only in the designated area that is outside the area accessible to campers.

After you’ve checked out our open positions, complete the online application ASAP!