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LITs (leaders in training)

11th–12th grade

LITs are our most senior campers whose days are full of advanced skill and leadership development (as well as fun, duh).

Campers grow and evolve every year… Their camp experience should, too! Every aspect of camp is fine-tuned to best nurture and support youth where they’re at (and where they’re going). That’s why older campers get additional privileges, challenges, and opportunities to be incredible role models to younger campers.

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  • Designated mentor on staff who specializes in leadership development
  • Design and lead an elective for younger campers
  • Senior privileges like a later bedtime and a special LIT overnight trip
  • off campus weekly trips to do super fun and bonding activities like adventure parks, kayaking and more.
  • A close-knit and supportive group of lifelong friends
  • Learning to lead in a safe environment without fear of failure, and serving as role models to younger campers
  • Professional-level capstone project
  • MC The Showcase
  • Community service opportunities that compliment the camper experience
  • Read our blog post about the importance of leadership programs for teens here