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6th–8th grade

LIGHTS (grades 6-8) have a few extra camp privileges, like more independence and being 1 year closer to being LEGENDS

Campers grow and evolve every year… Their camp experience should, too! Every aspect of camp is fine-tuned to best nurture and support youth where they’re at (and where they’re going). That’s why older campers get additional privileges, challenges, and opportunities to be incredible role models to younger campers. Lights can attend all sessions of summer camp, and are joined by Electric youth in their immersives and electives in sessions 3 and 4.

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  • Staff particularly attentive to their changing social dynamics as they transition into teenhood
  • Choose all of their own elective activities, allowing them to pursue interests more deeply
  • Swim party under the stars just for their age group so they can get super bonded
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