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Dorm Life

Campers bunk 2–3 to a room, with exception of our LIT’s who sleep in a bunkhouse. Everyone goes through a lengthy, inclusive, and fun ice breaker process. We strive to create opportunities for campers to find things in common with everyone they meet during the first assembly.

Some campers have their heart set on rooming with their best camp friend—who they maybe only get to see once a year at camp. That’s just fine with us, and you can request a specific roommate as part of the registration process.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what’s best for our youth, and all of us thrive at different comfort levels 💕.

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Campers are grouped by GRADE. Bands, electives, music/creative track instruction, dorm rooms/dorm buildings, etc. are sorted by grade.

There are two counselors on each wing of the dorm building who are responsible for a group of 8 youth.