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Group instrument instruction and band practice are designed to engage all skill levels. Our instructors develop lesson plans that are challenging and fun for everyone, from total beginners to experienced musicians. With mentorship at the center of our mission, instructors focus on developing leaders with life skills such as communication skills, problem-solving, empathy, and assertiveness. Check out our blog post to learn more about the skills youth learn in the band immersive.

Choose Your Immersive


These are the current immersive options, but campers are exposed to other instruments in some of our music workshops. Private lesson packs are available as an add on too! If you don’t see the instrument you want to learn, send us a chat or email.

Usually, but we can’t guarantee it. If the immersive is already fully enrolled, or switching out of your class leaves only 1 or 2 students, we can’t accommodate a switch.

We encourage guardians to help their campers choose the immersive that feels right for them at the time of registration. We encourage campers to focus on the instrument they chose. Working through challenges builds resilience, one of our core values in helping campers develop leadership skills.

I feel you! Our advice is to not really worry so much about that the first week and practice living in the moment of each day. There’s a lot to learn, fun to be had, friends to make, and new things about yourself to discover. Then, if you’re still feeling nervous, talk to your instructor, coach and band mates. They will help you come up with a plan that feels right to you!

Signing up for an instrument or vocals immersive will allow you to learn and improve skills in your instrument and then apply those skills at band practice each day. Rock Band Intensive focuses entirely on band practice and is better suited for musicians experienced in their instrument and who wants to write an original song and learn some cover songs.

Instructors work hard to figure out how to form well-rounded bands with a good balance of instruments and similar skill levels and style. For instance, we almost never form bands with two drummers. We definitely listen to campers who have a strong opinion about who is in their band, but sometimes compromise is necessary. Ultimately the instructors make the final decision. Camp is all about trying new things and making new friends. Band coaches are especially trained in helping band members speak up, listen, and practice compassion and respect–all part of being in a real band outside of camp too!

Yes! We have enough equipment for everyone, but if you have a guitar, bass or amp that you love, you can absolutely bring it!