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community service hours ★ contribute to our zine from anywhere ★ high school- & college-aged youth

Where We’re Going


In-person circles in schools & towns around the country—even the world!


Monthly meet-ups to work on at least one (1) page of a themed monthly zine


All circles send at least one rep. to a monthly virtual meeting, sharing what they’ve worked on & the direction they want to go next issue


Distribute printed copies of YOUR collaboratively published zine all over school & town

next steps


APPLY via the form below! Don’t be shy—you can do ANYTHING you want in this world


Set up your local circle! Find some friends/classmates/total strangers your age who share your love of feminism, music, the arts, social change, etc… then put your dreams on paper


Rack up major COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS in exchange for making your voice HEARD & changing the world, one zine issue at a time

“this has taught me so much…

…from editing skills to client work to how to get a job. The biggest lesson I learned, though, is how big of an impact a photo can make. A single photo essay can tell the stories of thousands and fight for racial justice, and a photo used for street art can start a feminist revolution… Honestly, I’m not sure what I see myself doing after college and high school. No matter what I’m doing, though, I know I will take everything I learned from GR with me, which is so much.”




Nope! You could have just landed here from Mars. If you’re high school- or college-aged and you want to help make this world a little better with a few local teammates, Circles is the place for you!

No! Circles is open to the whole world of eligible young visionaries.

Your local Circle must have a minimum of 3 members total (i.e., including you). From our experience, the sweet spot is 7–10 members, but you can totally go big, honey!

Nope, we accept applications on a rolling basis. It’s always the right time to change the world!

All Circle members meet up with the program lead approx. once a month via videoconferencing. After that, individual Circles can collaboratively work on their pieces as often as they want/need til they’re done.

Absolutely not. In fact, we’ll give you a bunch of stuff to get started (e.g., stickers, zine ideas, connections to our awesome lineup of staff, guest artists/mentors, board members, etc.)!

We’ll reach out to all new members by email with next steps, so check your inbox! THANK YOU FOR APPLYING!!