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Rock Band Immersive

drums ☆ guitar ☆ bass ☆ vocals

“amplify provides a really good space for youth to feel supported when learning something new, like playing bass…

…A really cool part of it is that many campers will be shy when they come on the first day, and by the end of the session they’ve made some of their best friends and are just rocking out, feeling good about themselves, feeling confident.”

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meet the expert: emi

Emilia Borja (lovingly “Emi” to us) has been teaching drums with us since 2021. When she’s not empowering the next generation of female rock stars, Emi’s working towards her PhD in music from CalArts and playing drums/percussion with several rock bands and Latin music ensembles. “I can’t wait to meet everyone and enjoy the incredible music, video, photo, art that campers and staff create in each session. Without a doubt, that is what inspires and excites me the most. I’m also excited to make those drums sound again!! I want all campers to drum loudly, and put it all out there!”